Chinju-no-Mori Concert
Charity Concert for Balanced Environment Restoration in Human Heart
   From ancient times, the shrine has been the source of inspiration for the Japanese people. They would gather there, and every regional festival would be centered round it. The tradition is still seen today. Shrines have another important feature; no matter how large or small the shrine, or whether it may be located in the most urban of places, they are always surrounded with trees. The trees are called Chinju-no-mori (Forest of the Village Shrine) which signifies that it is a sacred place, not an ordinary forest.
   The Chinju-no-Mori Concert series started in July 2000.We gather
at the sacred forests and are awe-inspired by nature, reminded of the importance of the natural environment and of the environment of the human heart at the basis of it all. Since then, the concerts have been sending messages that re-acknowledge these important elements.

   The local executive committee is established approximately six months before the event to organize this concert. Volunteers undertake the ticket sales and the preparation of the venue.
Board of directors
Shinji Harada
   The sound quality and the lighting of the concert are installed with the same quality equipment as those used in concert halls. Lasers and other special effects are used to the full. We hope these effects will leave a long-lasting impression on the minds of the visitors who take part in this event.
   With the participation of the local people, I hope to share the feeling of mutual achievement with the volunteers who gave their time to make it happen, something 
that cannot be felt at usual concerts. I wish the Chinju-no-mori, its splendour and the importance of the human heart will etch an impression on our minds for years to come.

   I hope to continue the Chinju-no-Mori Concert in many parts of Japan. In the future
I wish to expand further and reach out to the Chinju-no-Mori all over the world.
   The contemporary world is very unbalanced, in terms of the natural environment, social environment, wars and illnesses. I hope to create music that overcomes religion, ideas, racism and borders to continue producing a harmonious vibration to us all.

                                          SHINJI HARADA
   The core musicians are Shinji Harada and his band. They are joined by traditional instrument players from the region such as taiko drummers, koto harp players, shamisen players, children’s choirs and brass bands.
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